The wonderful Auberge des Deux Rivières – gosh, we got it right this time!

Hercules carried us Skodafully on from the medieval jewel that is Ainsa in the Spanish Pyrenees; our destination had initially looked easy on a map, but more detailed planning had revealed that although Seix was not far as the crow flies, the Pyrenean roads meant that we had to cross in to France, scoot along a motorway for about 2 exits, then head back in to the Pyrenees again. Our destination hotel is known for its food, apparently, and we didn’t want to miss dinner, but oh the views of my stunning favourite mountains meant we had to stop now and again to drink it in and occasionally take photos. Here is a spot that we drove past near Aragnouet in the Hautes Pyrénées….


…. and here is Hercules sighing with pleasure as he gazes down a valley in the commune of Ustou, in the Pyrénées Ariègioises.


We did eventually reach the fantastic Auberge des Deux Rivières at Pont de la Taule, a miniscule hamlet a little up the valley from Seix, and oh my goodness the reports of the food were right.  It was quite late for French dining, about 8.30pm, so we dumped our bags after a welcoming greeting from Robert (who never stopped smiling the whole time we were there, at us and at all the other guests), and headed for the table that had been saved for us on the terrace overlooking the eponymous two rivers. There was home-made bread, and Robert suggested a local red wine for us. Bliss.

We had the tagine – it arrived in a gleaming Moroccan pot…..


….. and hey presto, the hat came off and the contents smelled SO delicious after our long drive that we just ate and the only sound was the contented chat of our fellow diners and the swish of the two rivers canoodling as they met and then sauntering off arm in arm down the valley.


Our room was quite small and very simple indeed, but spotlessly clean, with hot water in the shower and with a very comfortable bed. It was absolutely perfect for us, and we slept the dream-free sleep of the exhausted but well-fed.


Breakfast the next morning was extremely good, with bread and croissants so fresh they must just have been made, and not a buffet in sight. We could have asked for anything we wanted for breakfast, but instead of having to leap up and down and serve ourselves it was brought to us.  I love this place!

The indoor dining room looked so pretty in the morning sunlight…..


We just knew that we had made the right decision to stay here two nights.  More Pyrenees tomorrow, then another delicious dinner.  Oh yes.  This is how I was meant to live.

I’ll leave more food pictures, AND my interview with Cola the dog until the next entry….


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